Aide à la décision, Planification et conduite des opérations

Visual and collaborative software tools for decision support


Visual and collaborative decision support tool for the design, conduct and evaluation of operations

By operational staff, for operational staff

Accelerate collaborative work and the decision cycle to increase command performance


Planning, conduct and evaluation of operations: strategic, operational and tactical staffs. Anticipation, management and crisis resolution needs: public safety, relief, security

"Out of the Box"

Collaborative, intuitive, visual, creative and compliant with business requirements (NATO COPD and MEDOT)

BO screenshot

Battle Order

Generate a force and monitor in real time the availability of resources and means (APP-6 and MIL-STD-2525)


Operational Design

Create lines of operation to NATO COPD and MEDOT standards, and monitor the progress of each task until the achievement of strategic objectives in a fully visual and collaborative environment

Screenshot Holograph actor network management
Editing geographic layers

Collaborative Maps

Load WMS and vector layers, and create collaborative geographic layers


Indicator monitoring

Visualize key performance and efficiency indicators in 2D or 3D, and detect correlations

Capture d'écran Holograph gestion réseau d'acteurs



Our team


Graduate in international relations, former infantry officer, operational experience in Africa

CEO - Co-founder
[email protected]


EPITA Artificial Intelligence Engineer, former Infantry Officer, operational experiences in Afghanistan, Guyana and Africa

CTO - Co-founder
[email protected]

Built with rock solid open source technologies


DeliaStrat is an innovative company specializing in the development of graphical modeling and decision support tools